Forest Hills Global Elementary


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Supply Lists

5th Grade

Wooden Pencils (not mechanical, please)
Zippered pencil pouch for binder
2-inch Binder
Tab Dividers 
Notebook Paper
YELLOW highlighters
Black Dry Erase Markers
Individual Water Bottle

Wish List!
Disinfectant Wipes 
Ziploc bags (any size) 

4th Grade
2 composition books
1 - 2” 3 ring binder
Binder dividers with tabs
Pencil pouch 
Expo Marker
Individual Water Bottle

Wish List 
Earbuds or headphones 
(can be found at Dollar Tree)
Dry erase markers
Clorox Wipes and Tissues
3rd Grade
*2 packs of wide ruled notebook paper
*2 composition notebooks
*2 packs of No.2 pencils
*2 large pink pencil erasers   
*1 pack of crayons
*1 pack of EXPO markers
*Pencil pouch/box
*Headphones or earbuds 
(can be purchased from the dollar store)
*Various books to read at home
Individual Water Bottle
Wish List:
*1-2 boxes of Facial Tissues 
*Snacks of any kind (without nuts).
*Hand Sanitizer
2nd Grade
3 Marble Composition notebooks
2 Pks #2 Pencils
2 Pocket Folders 
1 Box Crayons
Notebook Paper - Wide Ruled
Dry Erase Markers
1 Pair Headphones or Earbuds
(You can get these at the Dollar Tree)
(Please send in a ziploc bag with the name on the bag)
Individual Water Bottle
Wish List! 
Looseleaf Notebook Paper (wide rule)
Glue Sticks
Magic Erasers
Ziplock Bags (all sizes)
1st Grade
2 spiral or composition notebooks
1 box of crayons
1 pack of pencils
1 pair of child scissors
1 pack glue sticks
2 folders with prongs and pockets
Ear buds or headphones
Lysol Wipes
Expo Markers
Hand Sanitizer
Gallon-size Ziplock bags
Individual Water Bottle
Book Bag 
Labeled with student's name 
Complete change of clothes with student name 
on each item: 
shirt, pants, underwear and socks
1 package glue sticks
2 composition notebooks
3  folders with pockets  (basic colors)
1 box Crayola crayons (16 or 24 count)
1 pack pencils
1 pair of child scissors
1 plastic pencil box
Individual Water Bottle
Wish List
Kleenex Lysol Wipes Hand Sanitizer-large bottles Gallon size Ziploc bags Sandwich size Ziploc bags